JabirBSD: New kid in the block [Interview]

You might noticed something like this on your favourite forums:

BSDJabir Technologies Foundation is proud to announce the first release of JabirBSD.
After a year of development, We decided to use BSD in our projects. Now we have created JabirBSD as a rebrand of “FreeBSD” . after a while , we’ll fork it from FreeBSD and we’ll create a new BSD variant like “DragonFly” .
Now you can download and test version “1.0″ of JabirBSD .

More info and download :

Yes, that's the "New kid in the block" of BSD based OS. I've been mailing with developer of this new OS and here is the result.

Q: Before going into details, could you please shortly introduce yourself
and project?
A: Hi All. I'm Muhammadreza Haghiri , I was born in 1996 and I'm Linux/BSD user/developer.
I started Jabir Project at 2011 as a Desktop OS , and in 2012 , I released the 1st Version of JabirOS (based on Ubuntu, Debian). After a while we decided to use other open source operating systems for base. and I started research about "BSD" family. in 2013 , I released JabirBSD as a test and it will be turned to JabirOS (as a fork of FreeBSD).

Q: I see you are very young, what is your occupation now?
A: My Occupation is now student. I study mathematics in high-school .

Q: What was the idea behind first JabirOS?
A: A professional hobby first , but after a while I decided to optimize it for beginners , and Jabir Project targets beginner and professional users at a way.

Q: Later, you changed from Linux to FreeBSD. What were the reasons for this change? What do you find better with FreeBSD in comparison with Linux?
A: Ok , FreeBSD is better than Linux. because FreeBSD is more Unix compatible than Linux . Also , I'm interested in BSD(Simplified) License.

Q: The first release, as your website says, is rebrand of FreeBSD. Later you want to fork it. What is the reason to fork it?
A: Many reasons. but main reasons are :
A)JabirOS won't be a FreeBSD variant. It will be a desktop & server oriented BSD variant.
B)We want to do many changes on kernel. I don't think FreeBSD team accepts these changes.

Q: Can you be more specific about changes you want to make? 
A: can't explain anymore, because they're secret parts of our project.

Q: Does this mean that your OS will be closed source software and you wont share it with community?
A: Team (Me, Reza and Mohamad) don't decide to share sources or close them. but all parts of FreeBSD aren't BSD Licensed. It has a lot of GPL Licensed parts like gcc.
But, I promise you we won't release a closed operating system.
Ideas and Secrets are private , but sources will be public ;-)

Q: How will JabirBSD differ from other FreeBSD based OSes like PC-BSD, GhostBSD or DesktopBSD? How do you want to attract users?
A: JabirBSD (or JabirOS) will actract users automatically. Because we optimized it for all kind of users. As fact, we have a development method like "Arch Linux" or "Slackware Linux".

Q: Slogan at your website says: 'Avoid the pain of everything that say “is not Unix”'. Can you explain what led to it?
A: "Every thing is not unix" means any Unix like project that say "*** is not Unix". can you guess what's that?

Q: Parts of your website and forums are in Persian. What will be the relationship of JabirBSD and Persian language?
A: Ha Ha! I'm Iranian and I speak Persian.

Q: So primary JabirBSD language will be English or Persian? There are speculations JabirBSD will be FreeBSD variant for Persian users.  
A: Nope. JabirOS isn't the "FreeBSD for Persian users.". Because "FreeBSD for Persian users" doesn't need "Forking". It can be a pure FreeBSD (or other FreeBSD re-spins like GhostBSD) with a collection of Persian localizations. One of our targets is "BSD for Persian users" but it is not our main target ;).

Thanks for interview!


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