BSD and Dropbox

Some very long time ago I wrote about how to change an OS.

One of steps was to check whether it supports software that one uses. In my case, I did not manage to get to that step, as I wasn't successful in running desktop environment.  All live CDs I tried (different BSDs) had troubles with configuring Xorg. Maybe because my laptop had 2 cards, maybe not.

Anyway, I have another laptop, and that laptop didn't have troubles with desktop last time I tried. At least few years ago, when I tried running DesktopBSD. But that's another story.

So I was thinking to get rid of Windows and install BSD along side with Debian. I run Debian as primary OS for some years, and since I got out from University last year, I haven't used Windows. And before I used Windows only because of some school stuff.

But let's get back to software. What I use often is Dropbox. And some other syncing soft. Cloud sometimes feels like someone's watching me, but other times I am happy I keep some of my stuff up-there.

So what's the status of Dropbox for (Free)BSD?

Well, no port for BSD. On dropbox forum there is post about it, but seems because of lack inotify in BSD installing linux version wont be any good, as it wont be able to sync. Some people are happy with running Dropbox under Wine. Well, for me it's something I don't wanna do. I'm rather happy without Wine in my Debian box. In case you wanna try Wine, you might wanna look at OldApps, people were more successful with running older versions. Syncing seems to be working there.

Another way is to create jail with linux Distro and run Dropbox there.

There is also petition to support FreeBSD port, from 2009 no progress thought.


In fact, I also use , as it claims to be more private. I have more than 20GB free (they have spideroak university where you can get some free gigs, google it ;] ), so it seems that I should get rid of dropbox, ha? Another good news is that it is in ports and pretty active maintainer.   


So I could solve problem with dropbox by installing spideroak. But that would be just begining: I still need to get Google Hangouts and/or Skype running. Among another stuff.

Would not be nice to end up rebooting between BSD and Linux to get specific features, righ?


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