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Releases: HardenedBSD, SoloBSD, SmallWall, pfSense, OPNsense, 
Other news: BSDSec, BSDnow, BSD Magazine, DragonFlyBSD, p2k16, freeNAS, OpenBSD



HardenedBSD-stable 10-STABLE v46.1

This release fixes CVE-1541 and CVE-2015-2304 in libarchive, a lot of Coverity warnings / programing errors and an overflow in amd64's sysarch system call (00696f0, eac2aab, bd784f7).

SoloBSD 10.3-STABLE-v46

There is a new build of SoloBSD 10.3-STABLE based on the latest HardenedBSD stable branch version 46
You can grab it from Here. (61.7 Mb)
root password: solobsd

SmallWall 1.8.4b10 beta release

Just released a new beta with updated mini-httpd, and many t1n1wall changes ported in.

New stable version: HardenedBSD-stable 11-CURRENT v46.2

HardenedBSD-11-CURRENT-v46.2 -
This release fixes two locally exploitable security issue, namely the followings:

pfSense 2.3.1-RELEASE Now Available!

We are happy to announce the release of pfSense® software version 2.3.1!
This is a maintenance release in the 2.3.x series, bringing a number of bug fixes, two security fixes in the GUI, as well as security fixes for OpenSSL, OpenVPN and FreeBSD atkbd and sendmsg. The full list of changes is on the 2.3.1 New Features and Changes page.
This release includes a total of 103 bug fixes. 79 regressions in 2.3 have been fixed, mostly minor issues in the new GUI. Several of these are significant issues, and have resolved nearly all the post-upgrade problems encountered in 2.3-RELEASE. 24 issues affecting 2.2.x and prior versions have also been fixed.
If you haven’t yet caught up on the changes in 2.3.x, check out the Features and Highlights video. Past blog posts have covered some of the changes, such as the performance improvements from tryforward, and the webGUI update.

OPNsense 16.1.14 released

How about an update with your new NetFlow remote export. Or your local reporting frontend? Well, you can always use both if you like. Read all about it here:
Furthermore, we have added the brand new AQM CoDel version 0.2.1 to the mix, yesterday’s FreeBSD security advisories, released the HAProxy plugin, bundled a full Japanese translation.
There is also a refreshed website for our general viewing pleasure.


Diving for BSD Perls | BSD Now 142

This week on the show, we have all the latest news and stories! Plus an interview with BSD developer Alfred Perlstein, that you won’t want to miss. Sit tight, the show starts now on your place to B...SD!

BSD Magazine for May 2016 out

The May issue of BSD Magazine is available now.  There’s articles on ZFS, OpenBSD’s arc4random, an interview of Fernando Rodr√≠guez of KeepCoding, and more.  It’s a free PDF download if you didn’t know.

eX, clisp, and DragonFly

DragonFly versions of TeX have been available for some time now.  However, Nelson Beebe, who is part of the TeX project, is having trouble building some related binaries – asymptote and clisp.  He could use help from anyone interested, to match up with this summer’s release of TeX 2016.

Mounting as non-root

Read this email thread for how to mount devices (e.g. USB drives) in DragonFly when you aren’t root.

Code stuff 

p2k16 Hackathon Report: pirofti@ on octeon and TPM

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