BSD News 22/01/2018

Last week in BSD

Releases: OPNsense
News: BSDnow, DragonFly BSD, Meltdown, Spectre


there seems to be no security announcements


OPNsense 18.1-RC2 released

OPNsense 17.7.12 released

As 18.1 is drawing near this stable update for the 17.7 series could be the last one. So whether there will be a hotfix to enable the update path or a full 17.7.13 remains to be seen, but we will keep you informed either way. The targeted release date for 18.1 is January 29.

For now we refrain from letting users upgrade directly to the release candidates, but suffice to say that with the development version accompanying this update it is possible from the console. And again thank you to all early adopters which have made the release candidates a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


The Meltdown of Spectre | BSD Now 229

We review Meltdown & Spectre responses from various BSD projects, show you how to run CentOS with bhyve, GhostBSD 11.1 is out & we look at the case against the fork syscall.

Dragonfly: rcmds recently removed

The commands rcp(1), rlogin(1), rlogind(1), rsh(1) and rshd(1) have been removed from DragonFly.  There’s a net/bsdrcmds port if you still need them…  though I imagine/hope ssh is filling the void for everyone.

Code stuff

Dragonfly - morse(6) now encodes and decodes
In Other BSDs for 2018/01/20

Interesting articles

Some thoughts on Spectre and Meltdown


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