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Release all the things! | BSD Now 147

On this episode of BSDNow, we will be talking to Glen Barber & Peter Wemm of the FreeBSD RE and Cluster Admin teams! That plus our re-cap of BSDCan and the latest news, all on your place to B...SD!
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ubuntuBSD 16.04 to feature a combo of BusyBox and OpenRC, no systemd

For those interested in the latest developments of ubuntuBSD, the developer mentions that the official release will come bundled with BusyBox and OpenRC, sans systemd. You can try out the BETA version from their website. In a series of tweets, ubuntuBSD project leader Jon Boden has announced a few of the technical features coming to […]

HEADS UP: world reneeds rebuilding

If you are running DragonFly 4.5 (i.e. bleeding edge), Sepherosa Ziehau made an ifnet change that will require a full buildkernel/world if you want things like netstat to keep working.

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