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Releases: OPNsense
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OPNsense 16.1.18 released

  • system: properly run fsck on boot if needed
  • system: new Cron page and API now available for general use
  • system: QR codes are now generated locally in the browser (contributed by Fabian Franz)
  • system: harden serial config write against power failures
  • system: allow serial config to attach to all available ttys
  • system: added missing ACL entry for LDAP user import page
  • system: reworked log page layout and dependencies
  • firmware: detach / reattach support for upgrade page
  • firmware: mirror and flavour selection moved to respective page
  • interfaces: improvements for 4G devices (sponsored by[1])
  • interfaces: debug mode and logging for rtsold in DHCPv6 mode
  • dhcp: separate pages for router advertisements and service control
  • dhcp: IPv6 server as a stand-alone process for service control
  • dhcp: fixed and improved writing of dynamic DNSconfiguration
  • ports: python 2.7.11_3[2], unbound 1.5.9[3], curl 7.49.1[4], openssl 1.0.2_14[5], sudo 1.8.17p1[6], php 5.6.23[7], pcre 8.39[8], haproxy 1.6.6[9]
  • src: tzdata updated to 2016e[10]
  • src: fix pf fragement timeout[11]


Lumina 1.0.0 sources frozen

The source tree for the Lumina desktop has just been soft-frozen in preparation for the upcoming release of version 1.0.0 in mid-August (tentatively targeting August 8th for final reviews/checks).
This means that all interface elements (GUI’s, widgets, etc) as well as any text which requires translation may no longer be changed without approval from both Ken Moore and the documentation team (basically only things like bug fixes or spelling errors).
This is now the time to go through and perform any translations of the Lumina desktop in preparation for the release. You can see the current translation progress and help perform translations on the PC-BSD translations website.
We have also created a new tarball of the Lumina source tree on github (v1.0.0-Beta2) so that package distributors have time to audit their current build systems and ensure that the Lumina files/binaries are being packaged properly (please report any packaging issues ASAP so that we can adjust things as necessary). This is very important as a few binary names and install locations for files have changed, and some optional dependencies have changed as well (“compton” may be used instead of “xcompmgr” for example).

Kisumu digital library and DragonFly

There’s a new digital library in Kisumu, Kenya – and it’s running DragonFly for file storage.

The place to B... A Robot! | BSD Now 148

This week on the show, Allan & I are going to be showing you a very interesting interview we did talking about using FreeBSD to drive a Robot! You won’t want to miss this one. That plus all the latest news, heading your way right now!

A Wild Dexter Appears! | BSD Now 149

Today on the show, we are going to be chatting with Michael Dexter about a variety of topics, but of course including bhyve! That plus the latest news is heading your way right now on BSDNow, the place to B….SD!

A single function for creating a new port

In my two previous posts I talked about creating a new port and copying a port from head to a branch. The goal of this post is the creation of a new function: CreatePortOnBranch($category_name, $port_name, $CommitBranch) The failed start I started out with this stored procedure: Running it gave this message: # select CreatePort('sysutils', 'bacula-server', [...]

LibreSSL Package Repo

We are pleased to announce the availability of the LibreSSL package repo for 11-CURRENT/amd64. This repo is based off of the LibreSSL-in-base branch (hardened/current/master-libressl) that Bernard Spil has been working on. Going forward, along with providing binary updates for that branch via hbsd-update(8), we will also provide binary packages. We will also provide binary packages soon for the LibreSSL 10-STABLE branch (hardened/10-stable/master-libressl). Having both the feature branches along with package repos will allow us to investigate making LibreSSL the standard in HardenedBSD.
We would like to thank Bernard Spil for his continuous hard work. We're glad to have him on the team. Thanks to him, HardenedBSD is the first downstream FreeBSD project to have both LibreSSL in base along with a package repo that matches.

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